Tell Me About Yourself 

From podcasts to networking, interviews to media opportunities -- being able to masterfully respond when someone says "so, tell the audience about yourself" is critical for your message, your mission, and your brand. 

We'll help you nail it every time.

Some people might say it's a lazy interviewer who asks at the start of a show, "Can you tell me more about yourself?"

​ We say it's a great opportunity for you to show your storytelling prowess by putting their audience right into the heart of your story.
You know -- the one that is: ​
Wickedly relatable.
Instantly recognizable.
And absolutely engaging.
But, what story do you tell?

You probably have a treasure trove of them!

Remember the time you set traps to catch a runaway Greyhound (the dog, not the bus? 

Or the time you found yourself locked in a 16th-century Spanish winery dungeon, desperately searching for a corkscrew? 

And let's not forget the unforgettable moment when you screamed, "WTF is going on?" and made the bold decision to quit your corporate gig to start your own business. 

Each story represents a chapter from your life, and with the right storycrafting, any of them can help you respond when prompted, "tell me about yourself."

Why? Because they highlight our expertise, make us instantly relatable, and make the audience say "tell me more."

It's time to showcase your storytelling prowess & show the audience you see them.
 The Tell Me About Yourself Masterclass 

For speakers, coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to stop hiding behind facts and are ready to learn how to craft a story that answers the inevitable question, "Can you tell me about yourself?" 


Upgrade to get PRIVATE coaching from us during one of our Voxer coaching days!


The training is 100% online, so you can join from anywhere - watch the video training or listen to the private podcast!


This is for speakers, entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches who speak, podcast, and get interviewed.
Start rocking your story.

Here's what past workshop attendees have said:

So, what it's cover?


The Breakdown

  • WHY you need a magnetic response to the "tell us more about you question"

  • UNCOVER the 3 jobs your story must do to excite the audience

  • REVEAL the most important parts of your story and how to customize for different audiences

  • CRAFT your story using the same frameworks Hollywood uses to captivate 

  • AVOID the common mistakes experts make in sharing an engaging intro story 


  •  Video training (short, quick, fun)

  •  Instant-result worksheets

  • Transcripts

  • Podcast version of the workshop (listen on the go)

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Want private coaching?

We got you!

Upgrade your workshop experience with private Voxer coaching. 

Voxer is a voice messaging app (kind of like a super powered walkie-talkie) that will allow you to work directly with us to get feedback on to craft your story.

Pick any Tuesday or Thursday from the calendar link in the confirmation email.

Accept the calendar invite to remind you when your day comes.

We'll be available from 10am - 8pm ET to support you that whole day. 

Basically, you send us short voice (and even text) messages sharing your work, and then we send back short *mostly* voice messages with notes to help you craft a transformational story.

We've worked with thousands of speakers, been on hundreds of podcasts, and know what it takes to craft an engaging story -- and you can have us in your pocket!

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Hi -- We're Mike and Chloe!

We’re lifelong performers and serial entrepreneurs who realized that the best speakers and presenters knew how to leverage the skills of the stage to transform their audience.  

Mike Ganino has spent years on the stages of the Chicago theater + comedy scene as well as commercial acting.

Chloe DiVita is a dancer, choreographer, and competitive gymnast who has appeared on professional stages like the Eastman Theatre in Rochester. 

Together, we run The Mike Drop Method — a public speaking + storytelling coaching experience that helps great presenters become transformational speakers on stage and screen. 

You got questions?

We've got answers...

  • Is this a long video course?
    Nope. It takes less than 60-minutes to watch or listen (there's a podcast version included), and you can start filling out the instant-result worksheets as you go.
  • When are the Voxer sessions available?
    The 10-hour Voxer windows are available now. They work like this:
    1. Pick any Tuesday or Thursday from the calendar link on the confirmation page.
    2. You receive a calendar invite to remind you when the day comes.
    3. We'll be available from 10am ET to 8pm ET to support you that day. You can chat with us throughout the whole day. 
    This is your chance to get private coaching from us on crafting your story.
  • How 'bout refunds?
    Would you ask Beyonce, Taylor, or the cast of Hamilton about a refund? Didn't think so. Once you're in for the training, you are in. We're committed. Make sure you are, too, before you purchase because there are no refunds.
  • Do I need this workshop?
    Yes! If you are being interviewed by other people -- on stages, on video, on podcasts -- then this is for you. Nailing your introduction every time builds your credibility. It makes you relatable, memorable, and it brings the audience into your story so you connect with them on an emotional level.
  • Tell me more about accessibility...
    The Tell Me About Yourself Workshop includes the full- transcript as both a download and visible directly below the video training. The video training includes closed-captioning. And it is also available in podcast format for audio listening.
  • Got another question?
    Send us a DM (@mikeganino or @chloemdivita) or shoot us an email at

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