Director's Cut
Speaker Intensive
Why settle for "pretty good talk" when your speech could be the thing of legends?
A Private Speaker Content Session 
Ready to give your talk the makeover it deserves?

Welcome to The Director's Cut Intensive—the punch-up session for speakers who crave standing ovations and unforgettable moments on stage.

You've already conquered stages,
left your mark,
but now it's time to elevate.

The Director's Cut Intensive isn't a coaching session;
it's your backstage pass to a red carpet-ready keynote.

Scene-by-Scene Brilliance: Just like a movie's final edit, we dive deep into your content. You can handpick a specific story or lay out your entire speech, and Mike, with his Director's eye, will pinpoint areas to crank up the drama, enhance the comedy, or add a touch of suspense.

Tailored and actionable notes: You'll know exactly what's working, what's not, and what to do about it so that you can take that next stage with the confidence of a breakout performer. 

Its about time for speech's closeup -- ready for it?

"I quickly was able to implement his recommendations and saw an instant impact in client feedback, audience interaction, and my ease and confidence in the new storytelling and content adjustments. "

Neen James | Keynote Speaker + Author

This is for you if:

You're already booked and busy but realize that every time you step on stage -- there is something holding you back (& want to fix it)

You're in the middle of a second (or third or fourth) act -- maybe it's a new book? Maybe it's a new era? But you have something you've been chewing on and want some help organizing your throughline.

You feel a bit meh about your talk? Maybe there's too much teaching where you want some transformation; maybe there's too much preaching where want some engagement and laughter.

You're short on time but want to be big on impact? The Director's Cut Intensive is your express lane to making some fast edits.

You've been thinking you want to work with me for awhile but wanted to start with something quick and actionable (this is that!).

In other words, it's your time -- and
you're ready to build your entourage!
As a speaker, you're as good as your last talk.
Let's make sure it says...

"that was legendary!"

Hi, I'm Mike Ganino.

My clients call me "The Keynote Director" -- and I help them take their already-pretty-good speeches and turn them into legend-making performances. 

I've been fortunate to have trained and worked with some of the best performers, writers, and creators in the world. I've been a top-ranked speaker myself, have been named one of the top speaking coaches in the world, and Executive Producer of TEDx Cambridge. 

So I know a few things about how to create a standing ovation worthy talk -- and how to help you achieve legend status.

“My entire approach to how I position myself, my speeches, and my ideas has been upleveled. Hire Mike!”

Jacquette M Timmons | Keynote Speaker + Author

CUT! -- so what exactly are we doing here? 

You'll share your goals, your current talk outline (if you've got one), a video (if you've got one), and anything else that can help me get to know your ideas and how you share them

I'll spend a little time before our call being your newest biggest fan and consuming all the things you shared (and probably some you left off)

On a 90-minute call, we will dive in to rework your talk, storyboard your big idea, create your Transformational Throughline, or punch up your stories so people never forget them

I'll follow up within a few days with my official "Director's Notes" for our call (and anything else that popped in my head after)

ACTION! -- I'm in! How do we get started? 

Submit your info here and then schedule your DIRECTOR'S CUT intensive with me! 

You'll receive a short form to fill out before your call so I can be ready to help you make the most of your time.

Be ready on the call with your specific questions, ideas, or goals

You'll receive the video replay, transcript, and audio after the call.

WRAP! -- What will you walk away with?

BIG clarity on exactly what to do to take your speech to the next level 

A stronger throughline to help support the transformation you want to help your audience achieve 

A storyboard version of your talk or a scene by scene breakdown of your key story 

Confidence in expanding your range on stage so you can make bold choices that shift the energy in the room.

Ready to transform your talk into a masterpiece? 

Secure your Director's Cut Intensive, 

where the spotlight is on you, 

and your speech takes center stage!

Feel free to DM me before booking to see if this session is a good fit for you. Just like getting tickets to a big Hollywood premiere, Queen Beyonce's Renaissance Tour, or Taylor Swift's Eras Tour -- there are no refunds. You'll be able to reschedule your call once -- as long as you give me 24 hours notice. 

"Mike should have charged me twice as much because the impact he ignited in my business has been invaluable!"

Erin King | Keynote Speaker + Author

You've got questions. I've got answers.
  • Is this suitable for someone newer to speaking, too?
    Totally -- we might not have as much track record to work from as far as your current talk -- but we can create some great clarity and an outline for you during our time together so you can move forward creating your talk with confidence.
  • How soon can I book a session, and what's the availability?
    Once you settle the tab, you'll immediately get access to the booking link where there are sessions available started as early as the next two weeks. But if you have something specific coming up and need to get in quicker -- feel free to DM or email to see if I can squeeze you in.
  • I've already invested in speaker and coaching before; is this gonna be different?
    Pretty sure it will be. My approach is not to think like a coach -- it's to think like a Director -- which means I'm always looking at your work from the audience's perspective and helping you make choices that frame your big ideas the right way.
  • Can I book multiple sessions of The Director's Cut Intensive?

    While one session can bring about significant improvements, some speakers choose to book additional intensives for ongoing refinement. I'm here to support you on your speaking journey, whether it's a one-time boost or a series of transformative sessions.
  • What kind of follow-up support or resources are offered after the intensive coaching session?
    You'll get a video recording, an audio recording, and a transcript of our call. You'll also get your Mainstage Moodboard (think Pinterest) -- which has all the things I've pulled together that could help you hit LEGEND. And I may recommend something specific in our call -- so I'll always send that along (i.e. a link to check out a specific Instagram template, a podcast episode to listen to, or a resource from my library of scripts, etc).
  • Can I choose what we work on?
    Absolutely. And if you aren't sure -- but know that you want to hit the next level, then just hand over the reigns to me.
  • Do I need to use this within the next month or two?
    Nope. As long as I'm still pumping oxygen, I'll honor your investment. So if you know you want this -- but aren't sure about timing -- then now might be a good time to grab a few sessions before the price changes.
  • I don't see my question.
    No sweat. Send me a DM over on Instagram (@mikeganino), or hit me up in emails (, or Voxer if you use it (@mikeganino).

  • Total payment
  • 1xDirector's Cut Intensive$971

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